Filter announcements by announcement type? [OJS]

Dear OJS Community,

I have a suggestion for a functional enhancement of OJS: I think it would be very handy from a user perspective if it were possible to filter the announcements on the announcement page by type (as defined under announcements > announcement types).

For context: we are currently planning to embed more videos (e.g. from lectures, conferences, workshops, …) on the page of our journal. The announcements are for us the appropriate place for this, because they come closest to a blog entry.

However, with many announcements, individual ones quickly get lost. From the front page, individual announcements quickly disappear altogether once the specified number defined under Website > Setup > Announcements has been exceeded.
So from our point of view it would be necessary to create a video archive which, like the issue archive, contains all videos related to our journal.

So, one could save the trouble of creating a custom page and manual coding if it were possible to filter the announcements by type, for example “Multimedia”, “Call for Papers”, “News”, etc.

What do you think about this?
Would such an implementation be handy for other journals as well?
Is the implementation technically possible at all?

Many thanks and best regards

Hi @adm_sub,

Thank you for your post. Interesting proposal. This might possibly take the form of allowing something like tags in announcements, by which those posting announcements could categorize their announcements. There is currently an open issue in our Github repository for announcement improvements: [OJS] Issues and improves for Announcements · Issue #3176 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - you may wish to add your suggestions for enhancing the announcement features there. There have been some improvements to the announcements in OJS 3.3, but they don’t include what you’re describing.

PKP staff

Hi @rcgillis,

thanks for your reference to the open issue for announcement improvements in github.
I have posted my proposal there.