Files uploaded as article galley

OJS version 3.1.2 (I understand it’s an older version, and currently, upgrading is not feasible due to numerous custom modifications)

I have an issue with uploaded files. Editors mistakenly attached sensitive information as an article galley (scanned payment receipts, etc.).

Now, these files are visible as Supplementary files in the journal archive view. I could easily delete them from the database or remove them from the article galley.

However, I need to move them to file_stage 2 so that they remain accessible to editors but are only visible in the dashboard. When I do this, I receive a server error 500. Is there anything else I need to change in the submission_files table for the file to appear in the “submission” tab? It’s not feasible to download them all and re-upload as there are thousands of them.

It’s possible that these files were uploaded in OJS version 2.3x, and something went wrong during the upgrade to 3.1.2. The last such file was uploaded at the end of 2019, and the migration was performed at the beginning of 2020.

Edit 2:

I found this discussion, and it seems that this is not a bug but an expected behavior during migration. Can I manually move these files to the submission tab (file_stage = 2) and delete them from the submission_galleys table? I don’t want them to be publicly accessible