File upload size

I have a problem with with ojs:
I’m trying to upload files (pdf, doc, docx etc) larger than 1mb and I can not!
version ojs:
OS platform Linux
PHP version 5.4.33
upload_max_filesize 512M
post_max_size 512M
memory_limit 128M
folder check 755 permission

Hi @RADU_Ionut-Valentin

All this confs are in a php.ini file at your www root folder?
If so, and just in case you are running a Apache server, does webserver allow override settings (httpd.conf AllowOverride directives)?

Sometimes even all settings are correct in a php.ini apache server conf doesn’t allow override if not it is explicit in httpd.conf ou vhost file.



One way to approach this problem would be to upload a very simple php upload script to the server and see if the problem reoccurs with that as well. This way you would now whether the problem is with the server settings or OJS.