File Settings - Directory for uploads

I am having a problem with installation.
Everything is fine, databse connects, all other things are working, but I get a message:

“Errors occurred during installation:
The directory specified for uploaded files does not exist or is not writable.”

In the File Settings - Directory for uploads area, I have put in the web address ( and alternately the server address home5/xxxx/public_html/files/ and noether works. I tried with trailing slash and without.

The folder is there and CMOD 0777 (which scares me to no end, but I am trying anything to get this to except the install).

Can someone give me a sample path so I can get this to work?


Hi @rscott7706,

The directory for uploads should be a local path. Try adding a slash to the front of the path you’ve specified:


Otherwise it will be interpreted as a relative path, when what you’re giving it is an absolute path. You’re right that 777 permissions aren’t safe, but you can tighten that up after figuring out the path.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you, that got me up and running!! Good job!

Ron Scott
RsConcepts Consulting