File-path of language label "portugal"

Dear OJS Community,

we don’t need the OJS distinction between portuguese “from portugal” and portughese “from Brazil”. Therefore i would try to delete merely the specification label “portugal” in brackets which usually appear in the right side of the Table of contents (see below):

I can’t find the text in brackets neither in locale files “LOCALE/es_ES” nor "LIB/PKP/LOCALE/es_ES

It would be nice if someone could give me some directions about the exact location (file path) of the text in brackets.

Kind regards

Hi @Froberger,

What version of OJS are you using? (Please include this in your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @Froberger

I think they come from the file registry/locales.xml:


Thank you Bozana for your help.

@asmecher: thank you for reply. I am currently using OJS

@bozana: “(portugal)” is not a label, but rather belongs to syntax of “locale key”:

<locale key="pt_PT" complete="false" name="Português (Portugal)" iso639-2b="por" iso639-3="por" />

what do you think, could I delete it without stability problems?

all the best!

Hi @Froberger

Yes, I think you can change the attribute “name” in that XML file…