File list in "Reviewer's Attachments Grid" is not showing (not working) in OJS


I have a problem in “Reviewer’s Attachments Grid”. When the editor defines the files to display to authors in “Submission accepted for review” condition in a Round of Rewiew workflow.

  • Application Version: OJS

|OS platform| Linux|
|PHP version| 7.4.15|
|Apache version| Apache|
|Database driver| mysqli|
|Database server version| 10.3.28-MariaDB|

I investigated the php code to undestand this issue, but I didn’t experience to do it.

I’m upgradingto last version (3.3) of OJS and I hope this issue solved. But it is complicated too.

There are not error. I think there is a error in database. But I dont know.

Please help me to show files in this grid of authors.



you can sole this problem by adding, reviewer role to the author, but you will face a problem with discussions