Few problems, need someone to fix

Hi we have few problems with OJS and searching for someone to fix it

  1. Reviewers were not receiving notifications

  2. Editors were not receiving notifications (until one editor received thousands of them at once), and the other still doesn’t receive any

  3. We had strange submissions with unusual nicknames of the person who submits the paper (normally is the name of the author) and without any paper attached

  4. We can’t find some reviewers and their addresses (although they are in the section “users”)

  5. In the section “users” there are strange names (a lot of them) for example:

  6. Some messages in the Discussion section under one submission disappeared

  7. We had a notification to upgrade the system, but it disappeared after few days and never came back

Hi @komir,

Can you please let us know what version of the software you are using? Did these issues begin after a software upgrade or did they begin spontaneously? Were your editors previously receiving email notifications successfully?

Thank you for providing this additional information.