Feature request - display more reviewer info

Hello all,

As I work on OJS, I constantly come up with the need to view on the reviewer list/result page more data than what’s available from their profile. So, if possible, after the reviewer interests, these could be displayed:

  • Reviewer known languages. Multilingual journals need quick access to this to shorten the reviewer selection process.

  • Reviewer homepage link. We usually add researcher’s Lattes or other URL if available to check if author info is updated, is from a different institution/region than authors. Quick access to this link enables us to get their bio, for checking and review certificate production when needed. Shortens editing process by a few clicks.

On another note, Lattes system provides review interests as a slashed then period separated sequence (major discipline / sub disciplines / Keyword. Keyword… Ex.: Ciência da Informação / Biblioteconomia / Informação e Sociedade. Ação Cultural. Serviço de Referência e Informação. Mediação da Informação. Políticas e Gestão da Informação. Informação Mídias e Mediação), which we copy and paste in reviewer interests profile. Search is not affected by this, but displays better for us while we use, because we can see the hierarchy of information, also improving our selection process…

Hi @ramon,

We’ve had a few requests for more access to reviewer information in the reviewer selection/creation process – but note that we’re unlikely to improve this in OJS 2.x, as we’re focusing our efforts on OJS 3.x (which is already a great improvement on OJS 2.x, though lacks a few key features yet like subscription support).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team