Failed initial validation

Initial validation checks (step 1)

baseURL is
Registration requested
Request logged from
Checking Identify response
WARN Malformed response: mismatched tag at line 17, column 2, byte 1157 at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/ line 187. . The most common reason for malformed responses is illegal bytes in UTF-8 streams (e.g. the inclusion of Latin1 characters with codes>127 without creating proper UTF-8 mutli-byte sequences). You might find the utf8conditioner, found on the OAI tools page helpful for debugging.
FAIL Failed to parse Identify response
FAIL ABORT: Failed to parse Identify response from server at base URL ‘’.

The OAI-PMH data provider with base URL has failed initial validation. Problems reported must be corrected before validation can continue.

I need help to solve the problem above.

Hi @Muhri

Could you, please, double check that you are using the correct OAI URL from your OJS install? In your case it should be:

I made a test in and it had passed with success.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

thanks. It’s my first use.