Failed DOI : JSON error


I deposited my article via CrossRef plugin. Many were successful but those DOI which showed me the status failed aren’t opening and giving an error

Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.

Now what to do, please guide. I am using OJS

Hi @a2usmani,

Is anything showing in the error log?

There are a few other topics describing similar errors - such as this one. Please read through this thread and try some of the suggestions for troubleshooting.


There is nothing in error log. Only this

[23-Jul-2021 11:00:41 UTC] ojs2: 404 Not Found
[23-Jul-2021 11:25:58 UTC] ojs2: 404 Not Found
[23-Jul-2021 11:59:46 UTC] ojs2: 404 Not Found

Hi @a2usmani

I’d recommend updating to OJS 3.1.2. Anything before 3.1.2 uses an older deposit API that is now quite deprecated. The upgrade from to 3.1.2 isn’t a very big step, I don’t think. For even better results I’d probably recommend fully upgrading to 3.3.0-7, the latest version, but there are quite a few changes to the publication workflow so I maybe wouldn’t do it if you’re in the middle of working on an issue.