Exporting older articles to ORCID, using the plugin


On the behalf of one of our journals I am looking for a way to export information to the ORCID-profile about previously published articles within the same journal.

We are on OJS, and use the ORCID plugin, without any problems. And when you start using the ORCID plugin it can send information to the ORCID-profile about articles that gets published. But if you published with that journal before the use of the plugin, can you send those articles also, and how is that done?

Thank you for any feed-back, regards Martina Ramstedt, Lund University Library

Hi @marram,

Thanks for your question. From what I know of it, I don’t think the ORCID plugin allows for the export of past articles that pre-date the use of the ORCID plugin. Currently, it is only designed to work with those that have ORCiD IDs associated with them (which would include the articles published from the point at which the ORCID plugin was implemented going forward). This might have to be a feature of the plugin that is yet-to-be developed. However, I will ask @Dulip_Withanage to confirm that this is the case.

PKP Team

Thank you for that fast reply, I suspected it was something like that, but could not find it written out. But now I know and can inform those who ask.
Regards, Martina

hi @marram ,

currently the only way to do is that, you unpublish the article, add the co-authors and republish (do not create a new version)

We send orcid update in the event of publication. (status: published) Therefore a manual intervention is the only way currently.