Exporting an issue still in produciton from one journal to another

Hi, we are using OJS
Is there a way to easily export all processed articles belonging to a specific issue of a journal onto another journal? In other words we have managed the editorial process (submission, peer-review and production) on one instance of OJS and would like to now publish the same articles onto another instance (because in the meantime we have split the original series into three new ones). Is it possible? or do we have to re-submit the processed articles from scratch?
I hope this is clear enough.
Thank you
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Hi @valeria,

If you’re using the same version of OJS for both installs, you an use the XML import/export tools. Note that this will transfer metadata, full-text formats, etc., but will not transfer the workflow information such as peer reviews.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher
thank you! yes, we are using the same version for both installs.
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Hi @asmecher,

following on @valeria 's question:

Assume there is a single install of OJS with multiple journals set up:

  • Under “Journal 1” (journal_id=1) there are 10 unpublished articles (in the “Editing” stage). Those 10 articles belong to “Section 5” (section_id=5).
  • “Journal 2” (journal_id=2) is new and has no articles or section under it yet.
  • We want to transfer those 10 unpublished articles from “Journal 1” to “Journal 2” along with the section they belong to.

Does it suffice to do the following in the DB?

  • UPDATE articles SET journal_id = 2 WHERE section_id = 5;
  • UPDATE sections SET journal_id = 2 WHERE section_id = 5;
  • UPDATE section_editors SET journal_id = 2 WHERE section_id = 5;

Quickly testing the above seems to do the trick, but I was wondering if there are any further implications in the DB that are not immediately obvious. Would we need to update any more tables to make sure the articles along with the section are completely “moved” from “Journal 1” to “Journal 2”?

Also, we would need to physically move the respective files from “Journal 1” to “Journal 2”, right? Would the following suffice?

[pseudo mode ON]
article_ids = DB_query("SELECT article_id FROM articles WHERE section_id=5");
for article_id in article_ids {
SHELL_execute("mv <files_dir>/journals/1/articles/{article_id} <files_dir>/journals/2/articles/")
[pseudo mode OFF]

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @kasioumis,

Yes, off the top of my head what you suggest should work. You’ll need to move files as you describe in pseudocode.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team