Export user e-mail addresses based on journal section

Application Version: OJS

I am looking for a way to export user email addresses based on which section of the journal they submitted to.

We have been hosting a conference for 5 years where submissions are handled as a section in the journal. We are looking to contact all auhtors who previously submitted to the conference. Therefore I need to somehow export author data from the specific section of the journal.

As we have around 500 users in totaland 200 submissions in the archive of that section it would be wonderful to be able to sort the information in some way.

I have manged to export the full list of users with email addresses but it only contains names and emails.

Hi @mhl,

I don’t know that the capability exists to be able to export based on section, but the user export feature is available as of OJS 3.3, under statistics - users, and then you have the capability to export by user and role into CSV format. You can check it out on the 3.3 demo version here: https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/ojs_demo/

There is also the other export tools that you might want to have a look at and you could technically do an article export: Tools - some of the existing options might let you get at the data that you’re looking for, but it might take some data cleaning to get at what you want specifically need.

PKP Team

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