Export of metadata and other information for citation databases in OJS

We need to export data about articles that include the following information: title, authors, keywords, references, DOI numbers, link to full text article, link to abstract, ISSN, eISSN, volume, issue, pages, publishing date

Is there any way how we can export that information and send to various citation index databases that require that?


This sounds like something that would traditionally be handled by export of metadata to CrossRef, or by exposing metadata via OAI-PMH.

What indexes are you working with? Do they use CrossRef or OAI?

For example. we send info with those metadata details to EBSCO. ACtually, that is consisted of all metadata.


Is this for the EBSCO discovery service? EDS support harvesting MARCXML via OAI-PMH, and OJS supports exposing MARCXML via OAI-PMH.

Check with your indexing services to see if they can’t directly ingest records from your system via OAI.


I will check with them and let you know.