Expiring Domain Redirect Issue

I am throwing this out to the forum to see if anyone can help.
I have a domain that we have been using for our journals for a number of years that is expiring.
We also have another domain that is not expiring for the journals.
The end of October the one domain expires and we are not renewing the domain.

For the expiring domain I am setting up a virtual host that will display a splash page letting the user know the domain is expiring then redirect to the domain that is staying.
So as an example if I have:
I need to display a splash screen then redirect after 15 seconds to:
This is a specific URL but it must work for any and all URL variations.

I have found a number of ways to do a redirect but nothing that does a splash page then a redirect.

As a note both URLS are on the same server.


This is more of a server configuration or custom scripting question than it is a PKP product question.

If I were doing it myself, I would look into a mod_rewrite rule which redirects all traffic to a single script on the old domain, and just have that script spit out a splash page with a rewrite to the new server with the original REQUEST_URI.