Erros 500 blank page

Hi! My site works properly before this day. I change some template settings in admin panel and get 500 error.
turn all display errors On in php.ini htaccesse and nothing to look. I also check permissions of cache folder - 0777 all files and folders

Any ideas?

If you have set display_errors on in and the error is not being output to the screen, the request may be erroring out at the server level rather than at the application level. Check your server’s error log and copy the message(s) here.

display_errors On and there is nothing in error logs from apache(

It is highly unlikely that there is no Apache error logged in the event of the 500 error. Can you check with your hosting provider to confirm that you are finding the correct error log?

So, here is screenshots. I load page - than make screens

To confirm that you are finding the right log, try this:

  • In the document root (and alongside index.php and, create a file test.php with the php configuration as the output:
<?php phpinfo() ?>
  • Visit
  • if you do not see the PHP configuration, but still see a 500 error, you have an Apache configuration error somewhere. This error may be logged outside of the main /var/log/httpd/error_log, especially if virtualhosts are in use.
  • if you do see the PHP configuration, replace the file contents with:
<?php error_log('--- HERE ---') ?>
  • Visit
  • You should see the line with “— HERE —” in your error log. If it does not appear in /var/log/httpd/error_log, there is almost certainly another error log in use.
<?php phpinfo() ?> - i see php config <?php error_log('--- HERE ---') ?> blank page

apache error log - nothing

This confirms that Apache is logging errors to some other error log for this access. You’ll need to trace through your Apache config to find where this additional log is.

Yeah, got it, thx!
So here is log. Can you help me?

This is a known bug in a previous version:

If you can upgrade, that will resolve this error.

Alternately, you can patch via:

THx. THis fix my problem. Have a good day! :grinning: