Error with LPDA

Hello…i Made a mistake, i activated login via LPDA from my account of admin. I’m using OJS 2.4.8.
Now i’m trying to log with my admin account but it appears "

I tried to enter with another account as author and i can enter. So The problem is that i saved in admin account The log in via LPDA.

How can i do now?
I cant enter and manage The Journal!!!

The error Is " fatale error: Call to undefined ldap_connect() in web/htdocs/www…it/home/plugins/auth/ldap/ on line 239"

To use this plugin, your PHP install must be compiled with LDAP support.

Adding this will vary from system to system, but if you have root access on a RHEL box, it would be something like yum install php-ldap.

Generally, search on PHP + install + ldap + [your OS name].

I did understand may you be more precise?
How shoukd i work on codes?

If you want to use the plugin, you will need to install the PHP ldap module. This is typically done by installing a shared library to PHP, and would be done by a system administrator or your hosing provider.

If you want to just disable the changes you’ve made manually, you will need to directly edit the database. For example, this would be done with phpMyAdmin or mysql CLI or a similar tool. You would want to remove the row or rows from auth_sources where the auth_sources.plugin is “ldap”.

Thanks!!!:grinning: I rsesolved modifying database…