Error when editing metadata on imported number

It won’t let me edit the metadata in the articles of an imported issue

We have created a number with Quicksubmit. We have exported the number and then we have imported it to test

When editing the metadata it gives us an error

We have tried to disable the language, metadata

Open Journal Systems"[XML]

(Revista de Marketing y Publicidad N.º 4 Diciembre 2021 (Quicksubmit -exportar - importar))

When we want to edit the title or the summary, it does not give an error


Hi @tolo1978,

Is the issue/article unpublished? In 3.3 you have to unpublish the article in order to edit the metadata.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

I unpublish the article, but it won’t let me modify the metadata



Hi @tolo1978,

It is referring to errors - but I’m not sure what those errors are from the screenshots - do you know? Another possibility is to check your PHP error log and see if there is anything there that points to a relevant error - could you do that and report back if you see anything?

PKP Team

HI @rcgillis

No relevant errors were found on apache/php logs and developer browser tools didn’t give clues about the missing metadata claimed. We are not sure how we could help with this.

Hi @tolo1978,

Sorry - I’m not sure what is occurring here. With no error messages to go on, I really can’t say. Others may wish to weigh in.

PKP Team

@tolo1978, the same problem is explained here Doesn't save changes articles - #2 by dmasta with a workaround. The problem seems to be related with the imporexport tool because the locale field is recorded with NULL.

I have opened this issue importexport fails filling the locale column in submissions table. Users can't edit metadata in submissions. · Issue #7636 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub but I’m not php expert so it is hard for me to solve it.