Error upgrade OJS 2.4.0 to OJS 3.0

Hi, I have a problem after updating the version. All logs are preserved, but
the articles are gone. After going to their address, I get an error:

in 3
in 2

Hi @Anton_Litvinov

Are you sure that the upgrade process had finished successfully? There should be a correspondent message at the end. If not or you are not sure, I recommend making a test upgrade with a backup from a command line on a local machine to see the results. This error indicates that the article’s IDs are missing, so I think the database migration process was broken.

Hi @Vitaliy After the update, I really see the text about the successful completion. But I just can not understand why all the articles disappear further. Maybe I could contact you by mail and throw off the backup database and the site, and if you have time, you could see what could be the problem?

Before sending me something, can you make another update from the backup on your local machine, either in one step to OJS 3.1.1-4 (I see from upgrade scripts that it is supported) or in 2 steps - first to OJS 2.4.8-3 and then to OJS 3.1.1-4? Don’t forget to save terminal (cmd) output.
OJS 3.0.0 is quite outdated, which can cause problems.

Another thing to check is submission table after upgrade. Several article entries would be enough, e.g. SELECT * FROM submissions WHERE submission_id="32", Where id - is the id of problematic article. It is passed as URL parameter for the article landing page. For example, the published article can have status not equal to 3, which can give this problem.