Error- unable to complete a submission

Hi there.

I’m having a problem with an article that appears in the submission - all active tab as “incomplete”. When clicking on “view submission”, instead of open the workflow for the editors to review, it goes to the “submission complete” page (the last step of submissions, that appears to the authors)
Also, the “incomplete” button color of this particular article is not red, as the other incomplete one, but orange, as the “review” button.
I’d appreciate any help.

Turns out I managed to solve it myself, by changing the column submission_progress value from 5 to 0.

Where can you find this?

Thanks, that’s fine, but it only solves the problem for that publication, not a general fix for the bug. Unfortunately, I am struggling that for some reason all new submissions have been blocked, although in principle they are allowed.

@Istvan_Varga :frowning:
Good luck, if you find out what it is, please share with us.

Dear Melisa! I found the error. The iThenticate plugin was not registered and could not be uploaded. There are two solutions. You must either create a registration or disable the plugin. (Paid) Hi John