Error: Review Form


I am managing an OJS platform and one of our reviewers had trouble submitting a form. What could this be?



Do you use two or more languages in OJS?

Yes, we do! Is that the problem?

Please check is everything translated properly/completely since messages between #message# are key messages for locale that is not translated.

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I disabled all other languages besides English, but the problem persists. Any other clues?

Post screenshot of the problem on page.

Error is exactly the same as the one posted above, nothing changed.

Hi @gavagai-00,

What version of OJS are you using? (Please include this with your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for your reply. We’re using OJS
(I will include it in future posts)

Please check the folowing:

  1. Is review form made active
  2. Is it assigned to section

3. Is it choosen during the process of inviting/adding reviewer at the beginning of review process

  1. It is marked as active.
  2. Section is assigned “None / Free Form”, but I assigned it to the section and tried and still got the error.
  3. It was assigned at the beginning when adding the reviewer. Should I try to add the reviewer again?

Please empty cache in Administration panel and in your browser and make it active, assign it to section and assign it to reviewer as I showed in screenshots.
After that try to do procedure that produced error.
Please note that other detaisl visible ins creenshots are related to other journal and may not be related to your journal policy. I added them just for you to be easier to understand in which cntext there is that part of interface.

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