Error Plugin Gallery: Files of this type can not be uploaded


I just installed OJS 3. But I have a problem with the plugin. I can’t do either plugin installation or upgrade from plugin gallery.

The error notification that appears is:
“Files of this type can not be uploaded”

I tried reinstalling, changing permissions to 777 and changing tar = /usr/bin/tar. But problems still arise.

I’m using OJS 3.3.0-11 LTS.

Please help.
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-04 at 10.05.27 PM

Hi @PatraG,

Which plugin is this for? And, where did you acquire the plugin file?

PKP Team

(Just a note to say that 777 permissions are never safe to use! They can be helpful for testing and debugging, but please don’t leave them that way. - Alec)

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I tried to install quick submit and bootstrap 3 plugin from plugin gallery. I also try download them from link that provided on plugin gallery (github) sir.

Okay sir. Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve got the settings back.

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