Error occurred during OJS installation in Mac

I downloaded the ojs-3.3.0-14 version, XAMPP 7.4.27-2, and MySQL for additional support. When I configured and was about to install it, an error occurred. In addition, I permitted the supporting files writable.
The error:

Errors occurred during installation
The directory specified for uploaded files does not exist or is not writable.

I am attaching a screen shot for your kind information:

Create a folder named “files” inside the “journals” folder.
Type the file path as in the picture.

Dear @kerimsarigul:

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Still, I am facing the same error. As you mentioned to create a folder named “files” under journals. I have done this. But it didn’t work. I am attaching a screenshot for your kind information.

This picture shows the actual path specified by the ojs.

This picture shows my folder and file structures including permission.
I am looking for your further suggestions.

Rakin Sad Aftab