Error messages on OJS Clone

For test purposes we made a clone of our self-hosted OJS installation. Logged in as admin, but when adding a new journal to the installation, this errror (attachement) appears. The settings wizzard will start, but with limited functionality.
somebody any idea? usefull tips. Or is cloning not working at all ? Do we need to do a complete (test) install ?

Hi @geejee66,

Can you please indicate what version of OJS you’re using (please include this information in your posts)?

PKP Team

running version
It is more a general question: is it possible to use a clone from our OJS-production to function as test-instance?
What are the tips and tricks if it is possible?

Hi @geejee66,

Thanks for clarifying. I think this is possible, and I’ve certainly seen this done before, but may vary from one instance to the next in terms of how a test instance would function, depending on the hosting environment. And, you may still have to troubleshoot errors like the one you’re encountering. I don’t have any particular tips and tricks, but our administrator’s guide provides some information: Managing the Server Environment

I’ll try to see if some of our other team members can weigh in with any advice that they might have if they’re available.

Best regards,

PKP Team