Error Install OCS on Centos with Ngix

Hy all, I want to ask about the installation process with the OCS in Centos web server Ngix. In the documentation mentioned indeed if it is recommended to use Apache> = 1.3.2x or> = 2.0.4x or Microsoft IIS 6. The question I did allow OCS to be installed on nginx web server because in my experiments after I called ocs via a web browser results in just a white screen only. thanks and sorry if my english is bad.

Hi @cucu02,

I don’t have specific experience with OCS on Nginx, but I suspect it’ll work OK. The problem you’re encountering is probably with PATH_INFO URLs. You may need to tweak your Nginx settings to allow these. Alternately, you could try turning on disable_path_info in, but I don’t recommend using OCS in this configuration – it’ll make your URLs considerably uglier, and cause certain parts of OCS e.g. the OAI interface to run out of specification.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Check that you can serve PHP from the public_html directory.
Make a simple php file called test.php:

<?php echo '<p>This is a PHP script.</p>'; ?> 

Check that that URL displays “This is a PHP script.”

Thanks @asmecher to your suggestion I made it, thank you very much and please support.
If you have time please stop by my ocs, your suggestions so I expected.

the problem has been resolved thanks to the advice @asmecher , thank you for your support @MikeL