Error in loading superior part of website (login etc)

  • Application Version - 2.x
  • Description of issue: My website does not work perfectly. It appears in some parts, but login area and the access to archives, contact, etc (in top of the website) don’t appear, but a message is showed: loading. It also appears an image in movement as if the website is loading
  • Steps you took leading up to the issue: verify with the host (conecction works)
  • What you tried to resolve the issue: restore BD


Hi @Walter_Lima,

It might also be helpful to provide any error that appears in your PHP error log. For help finding this, please see - How do I find my PHP error log?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Patricia M @pmangahis
Thank you very much for your fast response.
Here the log log - Google Docs
Is it a problem in my OJS or where is it hosted the website?
Can you help me? I ain’t an expert in OJS systems.