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Good Morning
We are testing an update of a ojs 3.1 and we have a question.
We initiate session with a user for example to and from that user we initiate session like the user b. When we see the decision history the actions of user b appear as a. When in Ojs 2.4 it was not like that.

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Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce,

User accounts and roles work differently in OJS 3.1 compared to 2.4. In 3.1 you can be logged in as one user (User A), then “login as” a different user (User B) if you want to see how that user sees something in the system. Anything you do then should be attributed to User B. You then have to log out as User B to return to your User A role. If you want to log in as User B and completely be in the User B account, you should log out of the system as User A, then log in as User B through the regular login fields instead of on the user list page. Does that make sense?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team