Error 500 in installation og OJS 3.1.2

I am trying to install ojs 3.1.2 and having error
This page isn’t working

**** is currently unable to handle this request.


I am not upgrading, but installing it on new hosting.
Php version is 7.0, 7.1 ,7.2

Also the error log is empty.

THat error is related to server rather than to OJS. Please check with hosting company what might be issue. Also, check technical requirements. My experience is that it is better to use PHP 7.2 instead of 7.0.

Thank You for quick response.

I tried to install it on multiple hosting. Getting same error from all of them. However versions below 3.1.2 are working fine.

Please check technical requirements. WHen error 500 appears? From the very begining? At some stage? Please try to be more specific.

this is usually because is set to use mysql connection. With php7 that should be mysqli

When I fill the OJS installation form i-e. (Email, file directory , database name) etc. and click next then this error comes.

My method of installation is okay as I tried it on lower versions and it worked fine for all of them.

Can I change file before installation ?

Yes, I also think you can select mysqli from the installation form. But that will only work, if your php has the permission to write to the

Thanks. This was useful

Hi how did solve that problem I’m also experiencing the same problem after installing OJS