Error 404 on a different domain and hosting places

Dear Madam, SIr.
I’ve installed OJS.2 on server B and my subdomain located in server A. I already pointing A records from subdomain to server B also on cloudflare that running on my primary domain.
But, unfortunally my subdomain come with error 404

is there any way other besides than masking domain by placing index file on subdomain?
Please guide me.

I’ve already switch to ON disable_path_info

HI @m51d

Did you double check your subdomain pings to your Server B? An 404 error is a code related to not found resource, and not to a server processing script issue.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi israel.cefrin.

Thanks for reply… how to do that??

it’s done… (I’m using ojs v.

  1. Make Add on Domain in Server B (same as my primary domain & put an installed ojs on subdomain).
  2. On Server A, pointing A dns Record to server B
  3. Because I’m using cloudflare, don’t forget to add A dns Record same as point 2 above
  4. change PHP version default from PHP.7 to PHP.5.6
  5. Change all url to subdomain based on server A
  6. then in
  • trust_x_forwarded_for = On (default Off)
  • enable_cdn = Off (default On)

for now my ojs running smooth.

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