Erase language field in title OJS 3, Help please!

Hello, how can I erase a field for a language in OJS3? The languages I am using are spanish and english, but in my fields I get portuguese, as you can see in the image. Please I need to erase this field in order to include my journal in Dialnet. Thanks for any help with this matter!!

Have you checked your settings in Settings => Website => Languages.
There are three selection for each language, the one you want to disable for Portuguese is the “Forms” selection.

edit: Ah sorry, I missed the screenshot below. Maybe you could try enabling Portuguese first and then remove the selections from all three choises (UI, submissions and forms)?

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Thank you!!! that did it, I enabled portuguese then I removed it!, thank you!!:grinning:

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Hello Guys,

I have some articles without Abstract and the Abstract field is Mandatory during submission , How can i change this Mandatory field to normal ?


See the section settings from Settings => Journal => Sections. Click on the blue triangle in front of a section name => Edit. There is a selection there whether the abstract field should be obligatory or not.

Hello! in my oai results I am still getting the problem with the three titles even though in the metadata I only have the fields for two languages. The one for portuguese appears empty. Could you please help me with this? Thank you very much for your help with this matter.

Here is the link to the oai

Hi @Gonzalo,

The OAI interface will include all languages it has for each article, regardless of which languages that are enabled in the user interface. If you want to remove data in other languages entirely, you could either re-enable Portuguese and then empty the fields in that language using the user interface – or for a less laborious approach, find the entries in the database. Look in submission_settings and watch the locale column.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you Alec, I did the enabling bit, didn’t work. The title field is empty but in the OAI report I still get the empty field, which doesn’t work for indexing articles in Dialnet. I will try the database entries as you suggest. Thank you for your help!!

I would check the article with id 35 first.