"Ensuring a blind review" link => "How to ensure a blind review?"

I have been asked by an editor to change the (translated fr_CA version) of the link “Ensuring a blind review” (pkp-lib/common.po at e59aaab290ec1768c11ee6c6b0a4c7e2e6b9240c · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub) (Assurer une évaluation anonyme) for something more interrogative/informative such as “How to ensure a blind review?” (“Comment assurer une évaluation anonyme ?”). The editor argued that this link opens an informative text box and does not constitute an action as such (i.e. clicking on the link does not anonymize the document nor does it make this step mandatory, it only informs the user on how to do it).

I was thinking of implementing that in the localized version of my journals (both en_US and fr_CA; OJS 3.1.x) but I must say I agree with a more interrogative phrasing and I thought that perhaps it could even be changed at the original terminology level? Would that make sense? Better yet, something like “How to ensure all files are anonymized ?” would be, IMHO, even more accurate… but I would be happy enough with the “How to ensure a blind review?” formulation.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


Marie-Hélène V.

That sounds like a sensible change to me. We’ll just need to check everywhere the phrase is used to make sure the interrogative is appropriate in each case.

I’ve tacked your recommendation on to our issue where we’re discussing getting rid of the terms “blind” and “double-blind” altogether. Remove "blind" from review types · Issue #4895 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

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