Enroll a User from this Site

Goal: enroll some users from one conference to another conference with the same or different roles.

Background: I would like to “Enroll a User from this Site.” I click, and it goes to the page “ENROLL EXISTING USER.” I check-mark the name and click ENROLL USER. I receive the appropriate error message "Please select a role at the top of the page before clicking “Enroll User”.

Problem: Unfortunately, under the dropdown list for “Enroll user as” the only choice is “Conference Manager.”

I was hoping to see Author, Reviewer, Track Director, and Director – at least Author and Reviewer.

Is there a way to get those roles available to choose? (If I make a new account, Author and Reviewer and Reader are available). Thanks.

Hi @kensek,

Conference Managers are associated with the Conference, and lower roles (Author, Reviewer, etc.) are associated with the Scheduled Conferences. Under Conference Management, make sure you’ve created a Scheduled Conference, and then you should see the other roles under the Conference Management area. Start by choosing the role you want to work with, then use “Enroll Existing User” at the bottom of the list.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for your help. Using your advice, I was able to enroll the users.