Enable this journal to appear publicly on the site checkbox missing 3.2.0

Hi, After searching diligently I find no reference to this issue.

Successfully upgraded multisite installation locally from 2.4.8-3 to 3.1.2-4 over the weekend, to then discover 3.2.0 had become available. Upgraded to 3.2.0 without issue. Great job - thank you!

Did not notice in 3.1.2-4, but in 3.2.0 the checkbox for ‘Enable this journal to appear publicly on the site’ is missing at Administration > Hosted Journals > and then clicking ‘Edit’ under a journal name. In our multisite installation we have some journals enabled and others not and would like to be able to change this for testing, etc…

Searched as many settings pages as I could find (both through site administration and through individual journal settings) but could not find anywhere else this checkbox might be.

Has this setting moved? Or is it missing?

Thank you,
Mark Atkinson

Hi @marksaga,

Thanks for pointing this out. It looks like this was removed from the form by mistake. The setting should still work – disabled journals should not be publicly accessible – but the option to toggle it off and on is no longer available in the form.

I’ve filed an issue to fix this and filed it against our next maintenance release which we expect will be out in the next few weeks. Enable/disable journal setting not available in 3.2.0 · Issue #5584 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thank you @NateWr . I look forward to the next release. The setting does still work. Until then (I have looked but cannot find) which database table and column can I use to manually toggle this status, if possible?

I’m just writing this off the top of my head so please don’t use this SQL query without testing it on a safe database that isn’t important:

update journal_settings set setting_value=1 where journal_id=1 and setting_name="enabled";

Change the journal_id value as necessary.

A safer way is to use the REST API and fire off a request:

PUT http://yoursite.com/*/api/v1/contexts/1

with a payload of:

{"enabled": true}

You’ll need your api token.

While the SQL on that particular table didn’t work, a quick hunt around revealed what I should have found:

UPDATE journals SET enabled = ‘1’ WHERE journals.journal_id = 10;

This displays the journal and allows editing when logged in.

Many thanks,

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