Enable cc/bcc for registered editor(s) only on one-click invitation to review (OJS 2.4.8 and current 3.x feature request)

Continuing the discussion from How to enable CC and BCC in OJS:

Also using OJS 2.4.8…
I understand the reasoning for this limitation: that you do not want to provide access to embedded URLs to anyone but the reviewer being invited. However, it seems to me that an allowance/exception could be made only for the editor(s) listed on the submission. It would be very helpful for me to be able to cc or bcc my journal chief editor (whom I have on every submission) when I am inviting potential reviewers.

This could be implemented as a check-box to prevent actual input of anything but the allowed editor’s email.
Please also consider this for current OJS 3.x revisions.
Thank you