Empty Email sent after submission - OMP

our OMP system sends empty emails after submission. This seems to me to be related to the OJS issue found here Empty email sent.

We have a backlist of monographs to be moved to our OMP installation. Because There is no quick submit plugin I login as press manager and then submit individual monographs using this role. I just fill out the necessary fields during the submission process, and do not upload any files. After the submission, emails are sent to the press managers, which have as there subject the press initials in square brackets, no content and the footer. (I also noted that template variables are not resolved: The footer says " {$ldelim}$contextName{$rdelim}".)
The empty email shows up. As sender the principle contact for the press is given. There is no reference here to any template used (or any email hook).

Any ideas? Can this be confirmed by others?