Embed code of video not saving. ModSecurity rule triggered.a

I have been successfully embedding vimeo video code in OJS pages but am no longer able to. Something has changed in the last year in the previous and current OJS install doesn’t make a difference.

I add code, click SAVE and it just hangs. Nothing is saved and the page returns to what is had been. I was advised to ask webhost to whtelist a rule which I did but the problem was the same.

Webhost says they can see from my IP that a ModSecurity rule is triggered while executing the POST request.

Request: POST /ojs/index.php/murmurations/$$$call$$$/grid/navigation-menus/navigation-menu-items-grid/update-navigation-menu-item
Action Description: Access denied with code 403 (phase 2).
Justification: Pattern match “frame” at ARGS_POST:content[en_US].
Was advised to get a rue whitelisted by web hstign rovider but that didn’t make a difference.

As per the earlier ModSec rule that was triggered (which also mentioned the [en_US]" issue, this can be resolved in one of two ways:
1 - The developer of the site updates the code that is flagged as an issue or warning to prevent the trigger of the rule
2 - We can whitelist the rule to see if the issue resolves once the rule is whitelisted. If the whitelisting of the rule is successful, we can keep the rule whitelisted so that you can continue to update your site as you have been doing in the past.

I would recommend the first option, but we can whitelist the rule for you to test if this resolves the issue?

Running OJS

Please can someone explain to me in simple terms what’s going on and what I should do. Thanks.