Emails wont be sent

My emails wont pass through, I am using the following setting.

; Email Settings ;


; Use SMTP for sending mail instead of mail()
smtp = On

;SMTP server settings
smtp_server =
smtp_port = 465

; Enable SMTP authentication
; Supported mechanisms: ssl, tls
smtp_auth = ssl
smtp_username =
smtp_password = ********

; Allow envelope sender to be specified
; (may not be possible with some server configurations)
; allow_envelope_sender = Off

; Default envelope sender to use if none is specified elsewhere
; default_envelope_sender =

; Force the default envelope sender (if present)
; This is useful if setting up a site-wide noreply address
; The reply-to field will be set with the reply-to or from address.
; force_default_envelope_sender = Off

I am having this issue for a few days now, kindly help out.



@NateWr kindly help out

Hi @adilhk,

Do you receive any kind of error messages? Is there anything relevant in your PHP error log?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team