Emails not being sent from emails other than admin domain

We are on version of OJS.

We are experiencing problems with our emails on our system. We have an installation with 6 journals. The admin email address is linked to the domain We are experiencing the following:

  • Emails sent from this domain are being received by the recipients (tested by sending to gmail accounts)

  • Any emails that are being sent from any other email addresses are not being sent by the system (sent to gmails accounts as test)

  • The server for has given sufficient permission that all emails should be sent through the OJS system. It is an Office 365 server. IP addresses have been “whitelisted” so it is not being blocked by this server.

  • We have tested with two other email addresses and Emails being sent by the journal managers from these addresses are not being received by recipients.

  • This problem is also being experienced by people trying to register. They are not receiving verification emails to enable their accounts.

I include @MichaelGuthrie and @haydenyoung who can supply log files if necessary.

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Nadine van der Merwe

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Further to this and adding this question, does the domain need to have an SPF record when OJS is sending via SMTP? The subdomain does not have any spf records, but the main domain,, does have one that allows for the mail servers to send on behalf of the main domain, but does not for the AWS server that hosts the OJS application.

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Hi @NadineWubbeling,

I have exactly the same experiences, please see OJS 3 and Office356 emails
My conclusion was that the Office365 can not do it :frowning:

Best regards, Primož

I’m having the same problem. Did you find a way to fix this issue?

Dear @mraleiras we moved our emails to SMTP2Go. Office 365 does not allow the emails to be sent.

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Hi Nadine, how does that work? you use OJS to send the emails or you send them outside the OJS?