Emailing all users

Is it possible to email all the users on the system a reminder of their username and password? We only hold our conference once per year, and everyone has forgotten what their details are. So I would like to send this out to all registered users. If I create an email with the username and password strings, will that work? TIA

The existing passwords are encrypted so it is impossible to send those to the users.

You could send all the users a link to the forgot my password page where they can regenerate a password if needed. To do that, they need to remember the email they used.

Thank you - I would assume they used the email address in the system to register. Is it possible to send the username? I did try to populate a notification email with the firstname and username coding/field tags but it didn’t populate the fields?

You are probably using OCS which I am not that familiar with, I mean I do not know what the notification tool there looks like. But I would guess that for example the username variable is not available for that tool? Not sure.

Maybe @asmecher could comment as well, but I see these options

  1. Get all the user email addresses from the database and send a regular email to the users. In the email, provide instructions and a link that leads to the “Forgot my password” page in OCS. This way the users can create new passwords themselves. The email they got after requesting a new password should include the username as well.

  2. Create a custom plugin that creates and sends a new password to the registered emails.

Hi all,

The “Notify Users” tool doesn’t permit sending customized messages for each recipient (e.g. containing their username). However, rather than forcing a reset of all passwords, I would suggest emailing a link to the “forgotten password” link. That would permit users who do know their passwords (or store them in password vaults) to carry on without a forced reset, while still permitting those who forgot to recover their passwords.

If you do want to force a reset or send a customized email, @ajnyga’s suggestions are good.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @ajnyga and @asmecher - I’m happy to go ahead with the lost password link, that will be simplest!