Email workflow within

I would also like to second the b) point from @mpbraendle… I seem to have journals email workflows behaving different where I think the configuration is identical, especially if different language templates are used. It would be good if we could access a scheme that is used like:

author submits → a) author confirmation b) journal notification of new submission or c) notification of editor assignment required

completed reviews → a) rev A completed his rev b) rev B completed his rev or c) all rev completed



can you elaborate what you mean by ‘behaving different’?
We seem to have a problem with the submission notification email to editors. With identical notification settings in two journals and in the profile of the respective editors within the same OJS installation, one editor receives the submission notification e-mail from their journal, the other does not. The one where it does not work is a bi-lingual journal with two working languages, the one where it does work is using only English.

Maybe some hints from you help me with analysing this problem further.

edit: this is in OJS 3.1.2-4

Hello Heike,
yes I seem to have a similar issue. On one journal I must have disabled all notifications, and I receive a copy of the confirmation email sent to the authors; in another (bilingual) I receive a notification that there is a new submission, a notification that I need to assign and editor and copy of the confirmation email sent to the authors… I have not yet put together a flow because I don’t have sufficient cases. The trouble is that I don’t know where these event email are configured. Any suggestion is welcome…