Email sent from editor's name, not Managing Editor, as desired


We are on In, we use SMTP to send email via Gmail. The default_envelope_sender = The Principal Contact’s Name in Settings is “Jane J. Doe”, Title: “Managing Editor”, Email:

Gmail name for this email account is “Managing Editor”, the email address is Yet, somehow, when emails are sent by OJS, they are sent from “Jane Doe”. If I look at the original in Gmail, it also shows in From: “Using Public Knowledge Project Suite v3”, which points toward PKP as the origin of this. When the editor sends an email manually from her Gmail account, it shows as coming from “Managing Editor”, so “Jane Doe” is clearly coming from OJS.

Mind you, emails are sent from “Jane Doe”, not “Jane J. Doe”, as listed in Primary Contact, but I can’t figure out why. What settings and where will allow me to send it from Managing Editor instead?