Email notifications for article

I want to set up an email notification when a new article is posted.

The list of available triggers for a publication is limited although I found PHP code for
that indicates there are many other triggers available and in particular one for when and article is submitted.

NOTIFICATION_TYPE_ARTICLE_SUBMITTED => array(‘settingName’ => ‘notificationArticleSubmitted’,
49 ‘emailSettingName’ => ‘emailNotificationArticleSubmitted’,
50 ‘settingKey’ => ‘notification.type.articleSubmitted’),

I am using version 2.4.6 and the code in the appropriate directory is different to above and doesn’t contain an article notification

How can I activate ( or create a notification ) when a new article is submitted/published ?

Hi @Keir_Vaughan_taylor,

Take a look at the file pages/author/, line 168. You’ll see that OJS 2.4.6 also sends a notification to all editors that a new article was submitted.

But it only sends an email if you have that setting enabled. Go to your notifications management (you can click in the link manage on the notifications side block, or you can go to notification/settings page) and make sure that the check box to send the email is checked for the new article submission notification type.