Email goes to SPAM

Dear Sir

I have using 2.4.8 version. When I have send the Email from chief editor account it goes successfully but in reviewer Email ID it consider as a SPAM.

Kindly guide me regarding this problem.
Thank You

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I am facing same type of problem?
Do you get any solutions?


The first thing to check is to ensure that the journal’s principal contact email in Journal Setup Step 1.2 “Principal Contact” is an email address that is authorized by your mailserver. For example if you are hosting on and using PHP’s built-in mailer, the email address should probably be Or, if you are using SMTP for mailing and principal contact is, the SMTP configuration should be for GMail. This ensures that SPF is properly configured.

If this looks ok to you, it may be best a question for your hosting provider or the recipients email administrator. Specifically, provide the SMTP headers to one or both of these admins and they will be able to explain why the message was identified as spam.