eLife XML viewer

We are start working in open formats such as XML. We know about the eLife LENS viewer and would like to use it as our default XML viewer. So we installed it in the former version ( used by most of our journals, but works only partially, by loading the article but not showing the footnotes and images -among other things-. So, we are not sure if this is due to that OJS does not allow or support the LENS Technology or this latter is designed only for OJS 3. We haven’t been able to install the viewer in two of our journals that use OJS 3 version. If somebody could help us in how doing so it’ll be great. We would like to confirm if we are able to get this type of viewing experience.

This is one of the examples (in OJS Acta Poetica Lens

Footnotes are linked bu aren’t shown. Images do no appear anywhere.

Thank you

Alejandro Shuttera


The lensGalley plugin is for OJS3. However, I think that it would be fairly easy to change it to support 2.4. The changes would probably apply to the template files in the plugin and maybe the main plugin file itself. The lens library there will work regardless of the OJS version you are using, as long as it received all necessary input and a XML file that has the correct structure.

The current lensGalley plugin uses a fairly old version of lens. It also includes a lot of eLife related filters, meaning that your XML has to have some specific details for it to work. For example, the publisher of the XML file has to be “eLife” if I remember correctly, which is of course not what you want. Basically lens is meant to be edited for the purpose of specific publishers and it also provides nice tools how to do it, but the current lens.js in the lensGalley plugin is the version that is meant to be used in http://lens.elifesciences.org.

I have a version of lensGalley here where I have removed most of the eLife filters and upgraded the library to use the latest develop branch of lens: GitHub - ajnyga/lensGalley: Galley viewer plugin integrating eLife Lens for OJS 3.0: fork using the latest develop branch of Lens.

However: note that this new version does not support mobile! For some reason they have removed the support since lens 2.0. I do not understand why, because imho responsive layout should be the number 1 priority for such readers.


Thanks a lot ajnyga. We will install the version you’ve kindly shared to us. We’ll let know if everything works ok.

Alejandro Shuttera