eLens plugin use

Pardon my ignorance.
How do I make eLens work?
The plugin is activated. I use XML to designate the Galley Label, but when I click in the frontend, XML is downloaded, not shown.

Thank you.

Hi @dijana

I guess you are using OJS 3, then elife Lens plugin is enable for default, Lens needs JATS/XML, the label of the galley could anything label. Verify if the XML you used is of this kind.

Hi @juancure

My XML files are PubMed Central ready and already published there. Should they look different, or any special tag is necessary?


Hi @dijana

I don’t know if PubMed XML files are compatible with Elife Lens; I left you this site where you can find some JATS/XML samples. I download the first sample and tested in an OJS 3 journal and the plugin renders the xml file, I hoping help you with this, goog luck.

Thank you @juancure.

I compared my XML with the one found on official NLM website.
The first line was missing in my files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

But such files are regularly validated and accepted by PMC.
Nevertheless, now everything works nice.

Kind regards,

Hi @dijana

For some reason the tools used to make the XML’s not always added that line, and we have to added it manually. It’s good to have helped you.

Hello juancure,

reading the thread, I’ve downloaded a XML sample and tried it with our journal. But the XML is not rendering as if eLens viewer is not active. I’ve disabled and re-enabled it, but only the XML is diplayed.