Edprocesslarge.png in "About this publishing system"

Hey there,

our proofreader just pointed out that there are two minor problems in said png:
a) right row, second rec from top: the final word “load” is unclear (I fully agree with that - I am not sure what this is supposed to mean here)
b) right row, fifth rec from top: the formats HTML, PDF, PS, etc. should all be separated by commas (not sure about this one).

She also has found other minor issues in system generated texts I can not edit directly. Are you interested to get these suggestions too?


Hi @Jesaiah,

What application are you using, and what version?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey Alec, sorry - I use OJS v. 2.4.5

Hi @Jesaiah,

We’re unlikely to make changes to the OJS 2.4.x diagram – it’s very old, and the original sources have been lost in the mists of time – but @marc put together a great diagram a little while ago that we might use as a source for the OJS 3.0 diagram. Marc, have you got a fresh copy of that diagram handy?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I’ve translated that diagram a few years ago and could probably provide you with the sources for that - if anyone would be willing to update the English diagram.

And I think that

probably is a fragment that could easily be removed even without source files available.

Sorry for the silence.

OJS diagram was created with yEd editor (not free soft, but gratis):

OMP was designed with inkscape (free as free speech and beer):

I love to help here, but during the last months I have been overwhelmed and looks like it won’t be better till January or so.

BTW, the work I do is always free (GPL for code, CC-by for text and graphics), so feel free to modify as you wish.

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Thank you very much!
Since we are going to switch to OJS 3 as soon as a stable version is available, this is probably obsolete … sorry for having troubled you!