Editorial Team visualization

in the masthead setup, for each editorial group, the journal manager can choose if have title appear under Editorial Team in People section of About the Journal (e.g. Editor) or have title appear as its own category under People (e.g. Editorial Board).

In case the JM chooses that every group has to appear as its own category under People the editorial Team page is blank but the link in the about index remains.

I am looking for a modification in the template, using an if in /ojs/templates/about/index.tpl for
<li><a href="{url op="editorialTeam"}">{translate key="about.editorialTeam"}</a></li>
but I can not find the right way to do this.

Any suggestions?

I made a PR to workaround this issue: with the added id you can hide the link via CSS

Hi @marchitelli,

Merged, thanks!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team