Editorial History - updating the history log date

Hello Sir @asmecher
Is it possible to edit the editorial history? My Journal Manager assigned me to edit all the editorial history, from submission up to publishing the article. I already tried and succeded in the review_assignments and file uploaded by the reviewer, but I can’t find a way to edit the editorial history because i cant find the right table that I will be going to use for selecting and updating the data. I know it is not right to manipulate the data but my boss keep on asking me to do it. Please i want your help, I want to know what are those table that I am going to use hoping you understand my situation right now.

OJS version 3.0.2

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Hi @lewfolui,

Look at the event_log and email_log tables (and related ones – event_log_settings, email_log_settings, email_log_users).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thank you sir i am now studying the tables you give.

Hi @lewfolui
Did you find the way to update history log date?
I do need to do this in my journal

hello @kawahyu I do not edit the history log. We decided to clear all the data and reprocess the submission because we have only few submission that time.