Editorial Activity Statistics

OJS version:


After migrating to the OJS version that I indicate, I have detected that when accessing statistics> editorial activity it jumps to a blank screen.

My question, what should I activate to be able to see these statistics?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gardbeat,

Do you see any errors in your error logs when attempting to accessing statistics? And, if so, could you post them here, please? That would give more of an indication what is going on.


Hi @rcgillis,

Sorry for the delay in reply but I haven’t been able to stop until today to see the logs.

I have looked and no log with error appears in the path …/index.php/shj/stats/editorial

The browser tells me the following error: it cannot process this request now.

Also, if it helps, the statistics worked for me when I installed the OJS module, but after uploading the first articles for review, it stopped working.

Hi @gardbeat,

I don’t know what to suggest. The HTTP error is not very helpful. Usually the php error log provides more helpful messages as to what the issue might be, without any messages, it is hard to know what the issue would be.

PKP Team