Editor --> Submission -> Unassigned shows a duplicated article

Hi PKP friends,

We’re running OJS 2.4.8. When viewing editor/submissions/submissionsUnassigned I can see one of the articles is duplicated. I mean there are two rows for the same id.

I checked the database, and obviously, the article appears only once (article_id should be a key, I guess).

Tracking back the code responsible to render that page, I found a suspect in this query:

Is there any known issue with it? I just wanted to know if this issue is known, or under work, because I’m in a very tigh schedule for other works; so I can’t work on it right now.

In other case, I’ll review it in detail in some weeks.

Best regards,

Hi @ajspadial,

Hmm, no, I’m not aware of this being a known issue. I suspect there’s an unusual duplication of rows in some table that are supposed to be single. The best way to narrow it down will be to take that query and run it in a MySQL client, then remove joins until the duplication goes away.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec. That’s was my first thought but I didn’t find anything in the database after a quick glance. However, I’ll follow your suggestion tomorrow and will see what happens then.

Best regards,